The Afan Forest is currently the fastest growing Mountain Biking areaThe epic Skyline Trail is the most recent addition to the area, 46km long and over 2000m of climbs and descents. Stunning ridgeline scenery and a roller coaster final descent on Jetlag with drop offs that will remind you what you came here for.
The trail starts with a steep 6km climb most of it on single track, some of it on fire roads – still, the first climb gets you well warmed up for the day. Once at the top it can be windy but the trees keep you sheltered. The trail is a mixture of fire roads and short forest sections that are great fun. Small descents break up the rest of the climbs. It is a really fun ride and the views are fantastic, particularly when you get to the wind turbines. Grand Canyon is a real test of your suspension and the final section, Jetlag, is an awesome bone rattling descent.
A serious piece of trail for experienced and fit riders, not for the faint hearted but well worth the effort! Skyline is regarded by many riders as a must do before you get to old/die. The trail reminds you what biking in Wales is all about.

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