The Wall

The Wall trail is a swooping 24km mainly singletrack loop with epic views and breathtaking descents to keep your heart pumping all the way round. Watch out for The Graveyard section and hang on for the searingly fast final descent. Climbs are broken up with single track descents and stunning views with brilliant and fast downhill to finish.
The Wall starts off with a few miles of gradual incline on the old railway to get you warmed up. There is then some forest singletrack and fireroad climbing to take you up The Wall in sections with some cross-country and downhills in between. The trail works well in all weathers and is very varied. Not suitable for novices but a blast for those more experienced.
Lots of speed can be gained in all the descents to make the challenge as tricky as you like. There are many jumps including a 4-6 foot drop (depending on your landing zone) off a piece of bedrock after the last hairpin on the last descent, watch out for it on your right as it is easy to miss. It is also easy to miss the nick to the left after this to make a decent jump over some rocks and roots.Overall a black route that is narrow, steep and as fast as you like.

Downloadble pdf with detailed maps and information about The Wall.

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